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How To Reduce Your Forklift Repair Bill

As with any machine, your forklift will require maintenance in order to keep it running as smoothly as possible. Huge forklift repairs can be costly and time consuming, the last thing your business needs! These 3 Routine Checks can keep your forklift running efficiently for as long as possible, and will allow you to identify any problems early to […]

Common Forklift Attachments

There are hundreds of forklift attachment designs and configurations on the market today.  While choosing the right one can increase productivity of your logistics handling dramatically, such a process is daunting which makes understanding the most common forklift attachments and their benefits of utmost importance.  The most common attachments are presented here. Sideshifters (SS) Most […]

Unsafe Forklift Driving: 10 Warning Signs to Watch For

Are your forklift operators driving safely? We’re always tempted to say, “Of course!” to a question like this. But the truth is, unsafe driving can happen anytime. Someone speeds up a little too much, takes a corner a little too fast, they tip a load…and you have an accident. In our industry though, accidents come […]

Wear & Tear Signs for Forklift Tires

If you see a forklift tire missing a huge chunk or rubber, or a tire with a big blow-out on the side…you’re going to replace that tire. The question is, when does “normal wear & tear” produce a dangerous tire? Most tires don’t have spectacular blow-outs; they wear slowly over time. Reacting to the conditions […]

How to Prevent Forklift Accidents at Your Workplace

Safety measures that would have stopped the death: Curbs on loading ramps. Not only do they protect against driving off the ramp, they’re a visual aide which operators can follow. Restraints available for pallet loads in several easy-to-see locations. It may seem like overkill to tie down one cement bag. But it only took one to cause […]