Clamps used on Forklifts

Sometimes with an awkward load, you cannot just rely on a standard set of forks to safely and efficiently lift and carry what you need it to.  Often the thickness of forks will keep you from getting under a load.  Or worse, the load could be damaged by the attempt.  This is why is Forklift Clamps are a great accessory to add onto your forklift to help your business move what it needs to move!
forklift bale clamps

forklift bale clamp

Bale Clamp
Bale Clamps are great for nearly any baled product like cotton, hay, wool, synthetic materials and so on.  The arms extend out sideways and squeeze the bale in order to make the load less awkward, and therefore safer, to carry.

forklift paper roll clamps

forklift roll clamp

Paper Roll Clamp
Paper Roll Clamps allow you to grip, without damaging, large cylindrical loads like very large rolls of paper.  On a standard forklift without this attachment, these loads would be impossible to carry without either tipping, falling, or simply rolling away.  Also, these clamps take into account the fragility of these large rolls, and is sure not to damage them during transport.  Roll clamps can also be purchased with a rotator option allowing rolls & barrels to be picked up and set down in different orientations.

forklift box clamps

forklift box clamp

Box Clamp
These have standard square pads that are designed to provide extra stability to any large load while lifting and transporting.  Box clamps are great if you need to get bulk boxes of product onto or off of skids and pallets without the manual labor of transferring them.

There are of course multi-purpose and adjustable clamps which can help you lift any load with ease.  Just shop around!  If you’ve got a load that’s difficult to lift, chances are, there is a clamp attachment that will help you lift it safely and with ease.

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