Pneumatic Forklifts

Have an outdoor forklift application? We have your pneumatic lift truck solution.

Generally favored for outdoor operations, pneumatic tire forklifts are perfect for a wide range of applications from the lumber yard to the loading dock. They are a great solution for standard warehouse aisles and outdoor applications. Southeast Forklifts of Houston has the largest Inventory of Used Forklifts in Houston. We also bring you the best pneumatic internal-combustion engine forklifts on the market — available in capacities from 3,000-19,000 lbs.

Do you need a multidirectional forklift built to handle rough terrain and mount on the back of a delivery truck? The versatile and innovative Sellick STM55 4-Way may be your answer. What about a rugged outdoor forklift capable of wheeling through intensive lumber yard chores without suffering a puncture? Your options include a Yale or Hyster truck equipped with solid pneumatic tires.

Whatever your unique needs, our team of forklift experts takes the time to talk through all of your options and help you decide what equipment will work best for you.

Benefits of Pneumatic Forklifts in Houston, Tx.

At Southeast Forklifts of Houston, we offer a comprehensive line of pneumatic forklifts from top manufacturers, including: Hyster, Yale, Combi, Sellick and many more. Here are just a few of the potential advantages of utilizing pneumatic forklifts in your operation:

  • Superior traction — Pneumatic tire forklifts provide excellent traction on rough terrain and challenging surfaces, and are generally the equipment of choice for outdoor jobs, including warehouses, lumber yards and construction sites.
  • Higher Clearance — Forklifts built for outdoor use with pneumatic tires generally have a larger chassis and higher clearance than indoor, cushion-tire models, meaning they provide superior maneuverability and higher clearance over gravel surfaces and other rough terrain.
  • More Efficient Refueling — Since most pneumatic lift trucks are powered by an internal-combustion engine, refueling is as simple as pumping some diesel or changing a propane tank; this is an advantage over battery-powered lifts that require significant downtime for recharging.
  • Smoother ride — Cushion tire forklifts can be operated outside in certain conditions. However, since forklifts are not equipped with a suspension system, those that ride on air-filled pneumatic tires offer more comfort for the operator.

Pneumatic Forklift FAQs

Q: What is the difference between pneumatic tire forklifts and cushion tire forklifts?

A: Pneumatic forklift tires provide high performance and a strong grip on outdoor surfaces. They are also larger and wider than cushion tires. Cushion tires are a solid rubber industrial tire designed mostly for indoor or light outdoor use (on asphalt, for example). While cushion forklift tires are generally smooth, pneumatic tires are equipped with tread to provide greater traction outside.

Q: What is the difference between air pneumatic and solid pneumatic forklift tires?

A: Similar to the tires found on a car, air pneumatic tires are (you guessed it) filled with air. Solid pneumatic tires are made of solid rubber, surrounding an internal cavity that is filled with polyurethane foam. The most notable feature about solid pneumatic forklift tires is that they don’t puncture, eliminating the risk of work getting slowed down due to a flat tire. They are generally more expensive than air pneumatic tires.

Q: How do I know whether a cushion tire or pneumatic tire forklift is right for my business?

A: Much of the answer hinges on whether you plan to use the equipment indoors or outside, but there are other considerations as well. Big picture, when it comes to selecting the right forklift for the job, your best bet is to talk to an experienced forklift expert.

The team here at Southeast Forklifts of Houston will ask a lot of questions about your warehouse, workflow and more to help you decide what equipment will best serve your needs.