How to Avoid Overheating During Summer Operation

Thinking about overheating might seem strange right now—it’s cold outside! However, it’s important to remember California’s summer heat when reserving, and using, rental equipment.

  1. Don’t let your forklift’s forks hit the ground. Forks used over & over outside do absorb some heat. Steel attachments like carton clamps do too. Striking the ground can cause a warp or crack.
  2. Check coolant levels frequently. In summertime, I normally recommend checking coolant twice a week, at shift start.
  3. Don’t overload. Overusing any material handling equipment plays a role in overheating. Be careful when using ramps frequently as well. Not only does this increase load on the forklift’s engine, overloaded bins can increase chances of tipping.

No Cromer forklift will ever arrive at your job site unprepared for summer heat. With a little care, you’ll be able to return them the same way.

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