How To Reduce Your Forklift Repair Bill

forklift-maintenancerunning as smoothly as possible. Huge forklift repairs can be costly and time consuming, the last thing your business needs! These 3 Routine Checks can keep your forklift running efficiently for as long as possible, and will allow you to identify any problems early to nip them in the bud!

1. Are all moving parts well lubricated?
When moving parts are not well lubricated, excessive wear, grinding, and chunking are inevitable. With the St. Louis humidity, it is especially important to keep your forklift lubricated properly. Keeping your parts well lubricated will save you costly repairs in the future! 

2. How are the fluid levels?
It takes very little time to check your fluid levels, and/or top any off. Is the motor oil dirty or low? How about the coolant? Hydraulic fluids? Transmission? Low fluids can cause problems that are much more expensive than a little bit of transmission fluid, so keep them topped off!
Remember: The more you use your forklift, the more you should be checking fluid levels. Daily use will require daily checks.

3. Are the tires in excellent shape?

We recommend that you check your tires daily. It takes very little time and can eliminate a potential risk to your driver and the goods the forklift is carrying.
If your tires use air, make sure the correct air pressure is maintained, and ensure that all tires are even. If you have solid rubber tires, be sure there are no large gashes or flattened areas. You don’t want to cause an imbalanced load!

These three simple checks can all be done in a few minutes. Isn’t that better than investing thousands in repairs? If you are in the St. Louis metro area, we can assist with any forklift maintenance or repair work.

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