Telehandler Lifts 

Telehandlers, or telescopic forklifts, are mainly outdoors.

Crane-like features including a telescopic arm able to lift items to a much greater height than typical forklifts.

Powered by LP, gas or diesel & drive on solid pneumatic tires. Perfect for agricultural projects. Max lift capacity of 10,000 lbs.

Telehandlers are utility lifting machines, usually mounted on a four-wheel drive chassis and equipped with a telescopic boom that can provide lift heights to 50 feet or more. Telehandlers most often are fitted with pallet forks for lifting materials on construction sites, but some models are designed also to handle buckets and other attachments.

telehandler is also called a telescopic handler, teleporter, or boom lift. It is similar to a forklift but has a boom, which makes it more like a crane than a forklift. 
Telehandlers are widely used in the agriculture and construction industry. Most are fitted with pallet forks for lifting materials.